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with More clarity,  creativity, consensus & Action  

Companies & Event Leaders hire us when:


They're kicking off a new project or initiative

Drawing on our strategy skills honed with the brands  like IBM, Hanes and Unilever, we can help you spark new ideas, additional revenue streams and more excitement for your project. We can go to your office, an offsite retreat, or even conduct sessions online via livestream.

They want meetings and retreats to be more productive(& less boring)

Science tells us that visuals light up a whole other part of people’s brains. It also shows on their faces. With a live storyboard, plus digital shareable images, they won’t forget the talk, training or takeaways ten minutes after they leave.


They need to dial in their message or brand story

We bring branding expertise as well as visual storyteling to your organization, and can help you hone your message to become a rallying cry for your whole company.  Together, we can map out your customer journey and the story of your brand, and share the vision with everyone.

They need to increase employee engagement

When everyone’s ideas and voices are captured and visualized, they go from being clock-punchers to stakeholders and even evangelists. Get your people off their smartphones and into the room contrbuting  to your company’s success.

They want everyone on the same page

Your storyboard allows participants to view and discuss their collective ideas all in one place, transcend corporate jargon, and collaborate to reach a consensus everyone can see. (And who reads a deck, anyway?)

They want to brainstorm innovative ideas

Our pictures make surprising connections,  spark creative problem-solving, and make ideas come to life. We use proven brainstorming techniques like SmartStorming(TM) to elicit the best thinking from everyone on your team.




With us at your meeting, retreat or seminar, you not only get people engaged and remembering key takeaways, but sharing them with others throughout your organization and beyond. We draw meaningful connections among ideas to generate new insights and innovative thinking. The visual artifacts provide lasting catalysts for discussion — and action —  well into the future.

Just a few brands we’ve worked with

About Lisa Rothstein

As an award-winning copywriter and associate creative director in the “Mad Men” world of ad agencies in NYC and Europe, Lisa Rothstein has been responsible for iconic and beloved brand messages for companies like IBM, Hanes, Unilever, Bacardi and many more, in over 17 countries. Adding in her talents as a cartoonist and ideator, she draws connections among ideas and creates clarity and collaboration our of chaos and confusion. With her on your team you will discover your most moving brand story, capture the brilliance of all your people and memorialize your best ideas to share across your entire company and beyond.

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