Capture Your Talk, Your Event, and Your Audience

For Speakers and Seminar or Workshop Leaders

Your talk or event will be more memorable, more shareable and more fun when we memorialize it with a storyboard drawn live in the room. You’ll be amazed at how people eagerly take photos so that they can remember everything that was said, instead of scribbling notes that they will never read again.

The visual aspect allows attendees to retain the information up to 65% better, and makes it much easier for them to indoctrinate their colleagues by walking them through what they missed.

  • Get more social sharing and buzz during and after your event or talk
  • You receive high-quality digital images of the board with full usage rights
  • Share with members of your organization who were not present to bring them up to speed
  • Repurpose the images and details in reports, ebooks, company newsletters, blog posts and social

We can also prepare a storyboard before your talk  for you to use in your slides, as handouts and even to remember and organize your thoughts.

For Speakers and Seminar or Workshop Leaders


Let’s talk about how we can:

  • capture your talk or seminar, from 90m talks to multi-day events
  • help get your people on the same page and co-owning the project
  • Facilitate or co-facilitate a workshop, a product-development session or a brainstorming session 
  • Aid in collaboration and retention — and help everyone have more FUN !


Cheri Tree, Speaker & Bestselling Author of "Why They Buy"

I am completely blown away…for any speaker or anyone who does a presentation, to see their message storyboarded out like this? I’m going to frame this! Thank you creating images showing my audience how they can “take it to the bank.”

Cheri Tree

author and creator of BANKcode


People remember visuals more and longer than notes

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