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Can you draw a circle, a rectangle and a triangle? Then you already have access to a HUGE visual vocabulary that will help you get your meaning across fast, get everyone on the same page, and get recognized as a master communicator. Download my mini Doodle Dictionary to get you started. You’ll find simple images you can easily copy plus inspiration for creating your own. Get ready to unlock your superpower!

About LISA.

As an award-winning copywriter and associate creative director in the “Mad Men” world of ad agencies in NYC and Europe, Lisa Rothstein has been responsible for iconic and beloved brand messages for companies like IBM, Hanes, Unilever, Bacardi and many more, in over 17 countries. Adding in her talents as a cartoonist and ideator, she draws connections among ideas and creates clarity and collaboration our of chaos and confusion. With her on your team you will discover your most moving brand story, capture the brilliance of all your people and memorialize your best ideas to share across your entire company and beyond.
Lisa Rothstein


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