Where do you do this?

We are based in San Diego but travel worldwide. We can come to your office to facilitate or co-facilitate workshops or to an event, off-site or summit for a day or multiple days.

How much does this cost?

It varies, depending on a range of factors; whether we are facilitating or storyboarding only, how long your event is, how many people will be attending the session, how the images will be used after the session, and whether or not we are providing any value-added services post-event.  But to give you a frame of reference, expect to invest around $1000- $1500 for a half day of storyboarding, $2000-$3000 for a full day, and slightly less per day for multi-day events. We provide all materials, included in our rate. Travel expenses are additional, and are a flat rate agreed in advance so there are no surprises for you.

Do you do those hand-drawn whiteboard explainer videos?

Yes, We are copywriting/marketing experts as well as storyboarders, so we can both script your videos and draw them. Our software and  in-house studio allow us to take you from idea to script to animation to finished product. Contact us for an estimate of your project.


Contact us to:

  • Make complex ideas and processes simple and understandable
  • Bottom-line your message and achieve clarity and consensus
  • Make your meeting or workshop more memorable, engaging, productive and fun
  • Brainstorm better

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